Social Media Policy 101

Remember when employers everywhere tried to ban social media because it was such a waste of time? And nowadays they’re all like “oh brb just gon send jacko a quick faceache den snap a selfie to da missus before applying for a job on linkedIn and tweetin all ’bout it!”.

Yeah. They kinda misread the benefits of communication – of course it was social media was initially going to be a waste of time, all new things are until they find their feet. *cough* kom-pu-tahs *cough*

Also – a real quick note. When I drew this – 10 years ago – I wasn’t thinking at all of the impact regarding comparing IT personnel to actual nazis. This, and the similar toons, are quite ignorant in that respect. They were drawn with the view of the common slang of “IT Nazis”. I’ve met plenty of nice IT people and completely understand they are just men and women doing their job. So why share this? I drew it. It’s a part of my journey.

Author: JR

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